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Bryan Rollins - 2/2/22

Wildcat Wednesday Bryan Rollins

It's Wildcat Wednesday! Every Wednesday, we will spotlight a member of the LR Wildcat family.

This week we are introducing you to Bryan Rollins!


Job Title:
High School English Teacher

Tell us about your family:
I've been married to my wife, Clara, for 7 years. We have two dogs: Ozzie (American bulldog) and Louie (toy poodle).

How long have you been a teacher/worked in education?
8 years

What makes you passionate about education?
The opportunity to be a resource of knowledge, guidance, advice, or companionship for young people.

What is your must-have classroom item?
Lo-fi music

If you had to choose a different grade/subject to teach, what would it be?
Psychology would be interesting, and I only want to teach at the high school level.

What is something about you that might surprise people?
I'm 6'5" and terrified of heights. Being tall with acrophobia surprises people for some reason.

What is one item on your bucket list?
Visit all 63 U.S. national parks. I've been to 19 so far.

wildcat wednesday

Thanks for being part of the Wildcat family, Bryan!

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