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Alicea McDonald - 1/5/2022

Wildcat Wednesday Alicea McDonald


It's Wildcat Wednesday! Every Wednesday, we will spotlight a member of the LR Wildcat family.

This week we are introducing you to Alicea McDonald!


Job Title:
Middle School English Teacher

Tell us about your family:
My husband, Jeremy, and I have three kids, Alaina, Kayleigh, and Kade. We have two dogs and one horse. We love spending time together outdoors, cooking out, and visiting with friends and family.

How long have you been a teacher/worked in education?
This is my ninth year in education.

What makes you passionate about education?
My love for learning, of course! I love discovering new, improved ways to help my students engage and learn in the classroom so they can be successful. I want to instill a love of learning and be a positive impact in their lives.

What is your must-have classroom item?
Sticky notes! You can never have too many.

If you had to choose a different grade/subject to teach, what would it be?
I love teaching middle school ELA! I am lucky enough to be able to teach high school students in the summers, as well.

What is something about you that might surprise people?
I used to live on an island off the coast of Washington State.

What is one item on your bucket list?
I have always wanted to go sailing.


Wildcat Wednesday

Thanks for being a part of the Wildcat family, Alicea!


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