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FEMA Community Safe Room


Photo of FEMA community safe room

Safe Room Capacity: 1,273
Safe Room Square Footage: 8,733 
Design Wind Speed: 250 mph
Tornado Protection Zone: See map



Where is the Community Safe Room located? 
The Community Safe Room is located at the northwest end of Logan-Rogersville Upper Elementary School at 306 S Mill St, Rogersville, MO 65742.


What is a Tornado Protection Zone (TPZ)?
The Tornado Protection Zone is an area a 0.5 miles radius around the FEMA safe room.  This area is designated by FEMA as those who can quickly make it to the FEMA safe room in the event of a tornado warning.  This does not limit who can come to the FEMA safe room; it just notes those who can quickly make it in the event of severe weather.


Are the safe rooms at the Middle School and High School open to the public?
The first functions of the safe rooms located at the Middle and High Schools are to provide protection for students and staff during tornado activity during school hours. Due to the type of FEMA grant awarded for these two structures, they will not be opened for weather events occurring outside school hours – with the exception of evening school activities. If you are at or near one of these schools in the event of a weather alert during school hours or during a school activity, you will be permitted to enter the safe rooms.


When is the Community Safe Room open for use?
The Community Safe Room will be opened to the public during tornado warnings issued by the National Weather Service. The safe room will remain open until the warning has expired or been cancelled by the National Weather Service. 


Are animals allowed?
Aid animals are allowed. Household pets are not allowed in the Safe Room unless they are confined in an owner provided carrier or remain on a short leash next to the owner at all times.

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