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Technology Help Desk

Submit a Technology Support Request HERE

Click “Send Message” and complete the requested fields. Please include as many details as possible such as a description of the issue, your building/room location, and a good time to visit your room if necessary. We want to be conscious and respectful of your class time and provide the support you need without being disruptive. You will receive an automated reply email from our system with a ticket number letting you know that your request has been submitted. The automated reply will come from "helpdesk" to your email inbox.

NOTE: Please keep in mind that when we update your requests with information or have additional questions about your request, we will correspond through the system resulting in additional emails from the system. These emails are often overlooked but many times they include pertinent information and/or questions related to the support request. You can respond directly to the emails. 

Once a request is complete, you will receive a final email message that says "Resolved" with details of the resolution.