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Virtual Instruction (MOCAP)



The Logan-Rogersville School District recognizes every student is unique, and we are prepared to support every learner’s needs. For this reason, the Logan-Rogersville School District embraces online learning opportunities through the Missouri Course Access and Virtual School Program (MOCAP). MOCAP, the online program for grades K-12 is overseen by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education and the State Board of Education.

Online learning is a unique learning environment, not suited for every learner. Prior to enrolling in virtual learning, interested students should consider if they possess the skills and attitudes necessary for success. Successful candidates for online learning are typically students who:

  • Are prepared to spend 5-7 hours daily working on course work, when enrolled in full-time virtual courses. 
  • Demonstrate time-management skills that indicate the student is capable of submitting assignments and completing course requirements.
  • Are self-motivated and can work independently with little direction.
  • Consistently meet deadlines and successfully pass all seated courses.
  • Demonstrate persistence in overcoming obstacles and a willingness to seek assistance when needed.
  • Possess solid communication skills needed to interact appropriately with classmates and teachers in an online setting.
  • Have the necessary computer or technical skills to succeed in an online course, including checking email and working in a learning management system such as Canvas.
  • Have reliable access to the internet, as it is not provided by the district.

In compliance with Missouri state law, students are allowed to seek full-time virtual learning and choose their own virtual learning provider. A full list of providers can be found at the MOCAP website, along with detailed instructions on how to register for full-time virtual courses. 

The Logan-Rogersville School District’s preferred virtual provider for full-time and part-time virtual learning is Launch. Launch is operated and overseen by Springfield Public Schools. Launch currently offers over 180 courses with full programming available for students in grades K-12. Courses are designed by Missouri teachers and aligned to state standards. A formal review process is built into all course development to ensure high quality and rigor. 

Parents or students interested in requesting virtual learning should contact their school counselor and complete the Virtual Enrollment Request Form to begin the enrollment process. 

Primary School Counselor – Nadia Ortega, 417-881-2947
Elementary School Counselor – Tammy Brake, 417-882-2626
Upper Elementary School Counselor – Julie Watson, 417-753-2996
Middle School Counselor – Derry Byrom, 417-753-2896
High School Counselors – 417-753-2813
      Katie Whitehead (Student last names A-G)
      Amy Wood (Student last names H-N)
      Kacey Kadlec (Student last names O-Z)

The enrollment deadline for virtual learning requests is the first school day of each semester.