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Parent Portal FAQs

Parent Portal FAQ

Internet Explorer does NOT work with the parent portal!

Question: Having trouble logging into the parent portal?  
Answer:  Change the Location ID to the number associated with the building of your oldest enrolled student.
Primary School -- 4
Elementary School -- 7
Upper Elementary -- 5
Middle School -- 6
High School -- 3

Question: I'm using the correct user id and password but still cannot log in.
Answer: Make sure you are using the correct location id. You can also request a password reset by selecting “Can’t log in” at the bottom of the LUMEN login page. After you enter your user name, a password reset link will be mailed to you. Or you can email and request a password reset. 

Question: I've tried logging in several times unsuccessfully and now it shows the account is locked.
Answer: You will need to email and request the account be unlocked.

Question: I am getting an error or a white screen when I try to use the Parent Portal.
Answer: Be sure you are using Chrome. 

Question: I get a blank screen.
Answer: It could be because you need to allow pop ups for

Question: I have forgotten my password. Change you tell me what it is?
Answer: The password can be reset to what you want, but can't view once you've changed it. Please contact to have your password reset and a new credential letter emailed to you.

Question: Can I view all of my kids on one page without separate login's?
Answer: Yes. Directions to link your students are found at the bottom of the credential letter or you can access portal video tutorial and PDF documentation available on the district website.

Question: I'm not seeing grades when I am in the portal.
Answer: Grades are only posted in the portal at the end of S1 and S2. For current grades, please access your student’s Canvas account as an observer.

Question: I'm not seeing the classroom activities/assignments
Answer: Classroom activities/assignments can be found in Canvas.