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Information for Parents

Information for Parents


Dear LR Families: 

As we are wrapping up the end of the 2019-2020 school year, we want to convey our appreciation for the encouraging words and support through the extended school closure. We know learning from home has not been easy for anyone. We hope your family has been able to find some joy in being at home together.

Based on the summer school survey results we will hold seated / in-person summer school in June and July. You can view the schedule, course offerings, and register online through the district website. In order to ensure adequate staffing, please register your child by May 29.

June 1 - 25: Virtual 9-12
June 8 - July 1: In-person 7-12
June 8 - 25: In-person K-6
July 6 - 23: In-person K-6 (registration coming soon)
August 4-5 or 11-12: Fresh Start. See your freshman registration packet for more information.

In-person summer school classes will be Monday - Thursday. We strongly encourage your child to attend summer school this year in light of the extended school closure. 

K-6 Catcare before/after school will be provided for a small fee. Before school starts at 7:00 AM, $1.00 per day. After school concludes at 6:00 PM, $5.00 per day. The summer school registration form will have a place for you to register your child for Catcare. 

In addition to summer school, the Primary Library will be open Tuesday evenings 4:00 - 7:00 PM June 2 - July 28 for incoming Kindergarten through Upper Elementary students. Teachers will be there to read with your child and you will be able to check out books, as well as, participate in activities.

Transportation services will not be provided this summer. Also, the option for Summer Adventure has been cancelled for 2020. Transportation and Summer Adventure pose challenges for social distancing which we chose to avoid for the safety of all students and staff involved. We apologize for this inconvenience. *Exception: Special transportation will be provided for students eligible for extended school year services.

We will take precautions to ensure we are providing a safe, clean learning environment, but we need your help. Your child must stay home if they are sick or exhibiting symptoms of an illness. Teachers and students will be trained on cleaning and safety procedures implemented during summer school. We will share these precautions on our website prior to June 8. 

We look forward to students back on campus for summer school 2020. 


LR Schools


Dear LR Families:

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we make plans for the end of the school year. We hope the following information will be helpful for your family.

Learning Packets and Emergency Meal Service
The last week for distributing learning packets and emergency meals will be Monday, May 18, 4:00 - 6:00 PM at the Upper Elementary School. Teachers are available to respond to questions and provide feedback to students through May 22.

Student and School Belongings
Wednesday, May 20, 3:00 - 5:00 PM and Thursday, May 21, 9:00 - 11:00 AM, each school will host a curbside exchange of student belongings left in the classroom/locker. We will also collect library books, classroom books, uniforms, etc. which must be returned to the school. You will receive more detailed information from your child’s school.

2020/2021 Preschool Screening
We will hold screenings for next year preschool on May 18-20.  If you, or someone you know, has a three or four year old child and would like them to be screened for preschool, please register on the District website at: or call 753-2891, extension 1.

Summer School
Thank you to those who have completed the Summer School survey sent Tuesday, May 5. If you've not yet had a chance to complete the survey, it will remain open through Sunday evening. Once we are able to analyze the survey results, we will finalize and announce Summer School plans as soon as possible.

Other events specific to your child’s school are being communicated by each principal. If you have questions or concerns, please reach out to your child’s school or the district office.

Thank you for your continued partnership and support as we work together through the remainder of this school year. 


LR Schools



Dear LR Families:

It was our hope to return to school prior to the end of the school year, but unfortunately that is not the case. Ending a school year without a wave, high-five, or a hug is hard on all of us, but we hope the extended school closure has kept your family safe and healthy. There are still many questions unanswered and dependent upon social distancing orders. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we make plans, and alternate plans for the weeks ahead.  We hope the following information and upcoming events will help your family schedule the remaining weeks of school:

Our last day of school is May 22. We are not able to hold bump-up day this spring, but we are thinking about summer school and a re-entry plan in August. For those of you counting the days, the first day of school is August 24.

We will continue providing weekly learning resources and meal service as previously scheduled.  Our last learning packet for this school year will be posted to the district website on Friday, May 15 and paper packets will be distributed along with meals from 4:00-6:00 PM on Monday, May 18 at the Upper Elementary School. Teachers are available to respond to questions and provide feedback to students through May 22.

Grade cards will be mailed home, but are going to look different this year. If you are concerned with your child progressing from one grade level to the next, please know those conversations would have already started in the 3rd quarter. Student retention is not expected.

Students in grades 9-12 are expected to complete all their assignments and receive feedback from the teacher in order to determine course completion and earning credit. Students in grades PK-8 are expected to complete all their assignments as well. As the parent, you must determine the amount of time you can dedicate to facilitating each child’s growth while they complete the activities provided. Learning Resources provided by the teacher are not the same as classroom instruction. We can’t wait to be back in the classroom interacting with our students.

We are committed to honoring our graduates at a traditional graduation. Graduation is scheduled for August 8, 2020, 5:00 PM, O'Reilly Family Event Center, Drury University. The High School will communicate additional information regarding other senior activities in May.

You will receive follow up communication from each of your child’s Principals with more details regarding gathering student belongings, returning books, chromebooks, etc.

Summer School plans have not been finalized at this time. Summer School decisions will be based on social gathering guidelines this summer. Our hope is to be able to hold seated summer school in July & August.

We will continue to provide you with weekly updates. The district website is a good resource for all communication and information related to the extended school closure. Please call your child’s school or the district office if you have questions or concerns.  Thank you for your continued partnership and support as we work together through the remainder of this school year.


LR Schools


This afternoon, Missouri Governor, Mike Parson, ordered all public schools to remain closed through the remainder of the academic school year.  The governor also announced schools will continue remote learning for students until the end date previously set on their academic calendars.  

In light of the Governor's order, LR Schools will remain closed for the rest of this academic school year.  We will continue providing learning resources, meal service and healthcare worker childcare as previously planned and will provide an update next week regarding continuation of services April 27th through the end of this academic school year.

You will also soon receive information specific to each LR school regarding events and end of year procedures.

We want to take this opportunity to thank our students, parents and community members for all the encouragement and support. Thanks also to our staff for their commitment to making the remainder of this school year a meaningful experience for all students. #WeAreLR


Beginning Monday April 6, we enter phase II of our extended closure. LR teachers, instructional coaches, and principals have been working hard to prepare learning resources for our students. Please understand, LR is not converting to a virtual school, you are not expected to start a homeschool, we are all simply trying to make the best of a difficult situation.

The “LR Learning Resources” page on the district website has been made as convenient as possible with the end user in mind. You can click on your child’s school for links to PK-8 learning resource packets. The packets will be posted on Fridays for each following week. If you need a hardcopy resource packet, those will be handed out with curbside meal service Monday evenings 4:00 - 6:00 PM at the Upper Elementary. Please contact your student’s school office if you need other arrangements for pickup during the week. 

Learning for high school students will look different than PK-8 and that’s ok. The PK-8 resources are a guide; they are not going to be submitted for a grade, and they are not time-bound, however, we welcome you to reach out to your child’s teacher for assistance/feedback. Students grades 9-12 must complete assignments to prove proficiency and continue progress toward course completion in order to earn credit. Students 9-12 must check their email and Canvas classes daily. Please call the High School office at 753-2813 or the Middle School office at 753-2896 for needs related to Canvas or learning resources. We have also set up a tech help line 753-4760 in addition to tech support via email

Many families are experiencing additional hardships brought on by job closures and lay-offs. Care to Learn wants to ensure student needs continue to be met. We have streamlined the process to receive assistance from Care to Learn. Parents can request a voucher on the Care to Learn webpage. You can also contact Angie Harrell - LR Care to Learn Coordinator at

The Emergency Meal Service will change beginning Monday, April 6. To reduce the amount of contact and exposure, we will distribute a week’s worth of breakfast/lunches on Monday 4:00 - 6:00 PM at the Upper Elementary. If you have signed up for delivery services, delivery will also happen on Monday afternoon. Should you need to change from curbside to delivery, or if you are now able to pick-up curbside Monday evenings, please call the District Administrative Office, leave a message and your call will be returned: 753-2891. You can still sign up for the Emergency Meal Service through the following link Emergency Meal Service. We want to thank the LR Food Service Staff for their dedication to our students and community.

All district cancellations and information regarding school events, can be found on the district webpage dedicated to Activities/Athletics/Events. We will update this website daily as information is made available.

We will continue to provide a weekly update from the district, or as needed. Please reach out to your child’s teacher with questions or concerns during their daily virtual office hours 9:00 - 11:00 AM. If you are unable to email during designated time for an immediate response, please email anytime of day and they will respond within 24 hours.

We appreciate the outpouring of support for our students and community. If you have questions or need clarification, please feel free to call the district office at 753-2891.


Dear LR Families:

We are currently building a plan for phase II: April 6 - 24. In order to help our teachers, we need you to complete the following survey regarding connectivity. Your input is an important component for our planning process. The following survey should take you less than 2 minutes.

Please complete the following survey if you have children in grades 9 - 12: 9-12 Home Internet Connectivity Survey

Please complete the following survey if you have children in grades PK - 8: PK - 8 Home Internet Connectivity Survey.

*If you have students in both gradespans please complete both surveys.

We understand there are many questions yet unanswered. The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) will be providing public schools guidance in the coming days/weeks. Although we can not answer all questions at this time, we are committed to providing for the needs of our students. Please reach out to us with any question or concern.

In the March 24 update we mentioned a “Stay at Home” order through April 24 had been given by Greene and Christian Counties. Since those orders, Webster County and the City of Rogersville have also given a “Stay at Home” order. Thank you for partnering with us as we all strive to support the LR community and keep our students healthy and safe. 


Dear LR Families:

Please see the press release from 23 area districts, including Logan-Rogersville, extending the school closure to April 24 at

The emergency meal program and childcare for Healthcare and First Responders are deemed essential and will continue. You can still sign-up for these services on the district website at

Through April 3, parents and students are encouraged to continue use of the optional supplemental learning resources provided on the district website. We are building out the plan for April 6 - 24. Teachers, Instructional Coaches and Administrators are meeting over the next week to provide you with additional guidance regarding instructional resources during this extended closure.

Each Monday between the hours of 8:00 - Noon, teachers will be reaching out to check in with parents and students. If you notice a private, anonymous, no caller id, or number you don’t recognize during this time, it is likely your child’s teacher. In addition to our Monday phone calls, teachers will begin holding regular office hours April 6. More details will be sent to you next week.

District and School offices are closed to the public and minimally staffed with abbreviated hours. If you need assistance you may call and leave a message, and your call will be returned.

We continue to appreciate your patience and flexibility as we all strive to support the LR community. We miss all our Wildcats and look forward to when we can all be together again!


Dear LR Families:

From our family to yours, we would like to thank all of you for the many kind words and support over the past several days. This is one of the most challenging times in the history of our nation and certainly in the LR school district. Once we have time to reflect, the administrative team and board of education will look back on this period of time and remember the positive messages received and the offers of support, volunteers, and willingness to help any way possible.

We have participated in a multitude of conference calls with local health officials, city leaders, state agencies, and area superintendents regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. Each one of those interactions focused on how we could continue to best meet the needs of our students and protect their health and safety, as well as the health and safety of our community.

Since Monday, and the difficult decision to close school through April 3, we have been collaborating on how best to meet the needs of our students for the next two weeks. One major topic we must be prepared to face is “what if” school closures are extended and how students, families and our entire economy depends on public schools for basic needs. Please know that we are working diligently planning for the worst, but hoping for the best. The COVID-19 pandemic changes by the hour and we must be flexible and prepared to face the challenges presented in the coming days and weeks.

I would like to send a heartfelt “thank you” to our Health Services team at LR, County Health Departments, and all those who have spent countless hours working to keep us healthy and safe. I appreciate the commitment of our board of education and the LR administrative team for their dedication and servant hearts for students and the LR family.

Thank you for your continued partnership as we face this difficult period of time. Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions or concerns.


Shawn Randles, Ed. D.

Superintendent of Schools


All of the information we are providing is based on our current plan to return to school Monday, April 6. 

  • We are working with the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) regarding days missed due to COVID-19. As of now, the last day of school is still May 22.
  • On March 19, Missouri Commissioner of Education Margie Vandeven cancelled state testing for the 2019-2020 school year. This means students will not be completing MAP testing or End of Course (EOC) exams.
  • We are on Spring Break through March 20.
  • Beginning March 23, we are on an extended break through April 3. This closure is treated like a weather closure regarding our curriculum and instruction.
  • Teachers will rework instructional calendars to meet the adjusted timeline.
  • We are confident in our ability to provide quality instruction once students return April 6 through the end of the school year. In the meantime, we are compiling a list of helpful learning resources you may utilize with your child(ren) during the school closure. These resources are not required, but will be available on Monday, March 23. Please know these resources have been vetted by the district, do not require you to purchase nor share personal information.
  • We will provide childcare for emergency responders and healthcare workers while school is closed Monday through Friday March 23 - April 3. 
  • We will offer a breakfast and lunch emergency meal service to all children ages 2 - 18. 
  • School offices will be staffed from 8:00 am – 12:00 pm daily beginning Monday, March 23. 
  • District Office will remain open for business transactions. Hours of operation are to be determined.


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