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2-Hour Late Start FAQs

2-Hour Late Start 
Frequently Asked Questions


When will the district utilize a 2-Hour Late Start?
Safety of school children is the first consideration upon the forecast of inclement weather or in case of continuing unfavorable road conditions. The goal is to remain open as scheduled as much as possible, as long as it is safe to do so.‚Äč For mornings when road conditions are poor, but could improve quickly, we may call for a 2-Hour Late Start schedule. Utilizing a late start allows the district to avoid using a make-up day or extending the school year. 

How will I be notified about a Late Start?
As soon as a determination is made to utilize a late start, notifications will be posted on the district web page, Facebook page, and Twitter account. All faculty, staff, and parents will be notified via a district-wide automated phone call and email (as long as phone number and email have been provided to the district). Local media will be informed as soon as possible, though they do not always run new cancellations in a timely manner.

What time will my child’s school start?
School start times on 2-Hour Late Start days are as follows:
Primary – 10:40 am
Elementary – 10:30 am
Upper Elementary – 10:35 am
Middle School – 9:35 am
High School – 9: 30 am

The school day will end at regular dismissal times. Visit the individual school campus page for bell schedules. 

Is Before School CatCare available on 2-Hour Late Start days?
Before School CatCare will operate as usual, with the same drop-off times as a typical school day. Faculty and staff will also be present at the Middle and High Schools at the usual times to supervise students who arrive early. 

Will bus routes run as usual?
All bus routes will run as usual, on a 2-hour delayed schedule. (Ex: If your child’s bus normally arrives at 6:45 AM, the bus should arrive at 8:45 AM on 2-Hour Late Start days.)

My child attends AM Pre-School. Will they still have class?
You may still send your child to pre-school. Keep in mind that school starts at 10:40 AM on late start days, and AM pre-school will still end at 11:40 AM as usual, so they will only have one hour of class time. Whether or not your child attends is up to your discretion. PM Pre-school will not be affected.. 


Will breakfast still be served on 2-Hour Late Start days?
Breakfast will be available to students at all campuses.


For any additional questions, please contact the District Administration Office at 417-753-2891.