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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I do 30 hours of fitness activity and count it as 2 qualifying events?

Can I do the Biggest Loser twice and count it as 2 qualifying events?

Can activities like gardening or horseback riding count as a fitness activity?
Yes, anything you participate in that raises your heart rate and activity level can be counted toward your 15 hour total for one qualifying event.

I participated in a competition or race; does that count for one qualifying event? 
Participating in one competition or race does not necessarily constitute the completion of a qualifying wellness activity.  However, you may count all of the hours/minutes that you spent training for and participating in the event.  15 total hours of time spent equals one qualifying event under the 'Fitness Activities' option.  Remember, you may count any and all time you have spent for any fitness activity since May 1st.

What if I don't fill out the form by April 30th?
The discount you agreed to and have already received will be deducted from your May, June, and July paychecks. Remember, 2 qualifying wellness activities equal a $52.50 per month discount ($630 total over 12 months).

What do I need to submit in order to earn my qualifying wellness activity discounts?  
You will not submit any paperwork, logs, or specific evidence of any qualifying events.  The only thing you must do is click on the link and complete the Qualifying Event Form found on the LR Wellness Discounts web page

If I receive a yearly physical from my doctor and also do a separate cancer screening, may I use both of these preventative care visits for my two Qualifying Wellness Activities needed for the discount? 
No.  Although you may attend multiple types of preventative care visits with a physician, only one may be used as a Qualifying Wellness Activity.